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Letting Grow

Oct 15, 2021

In this episode, author and spiritual teacher Charlene Jones shares not only her near death experience but also the many ways she's been cracked open to experience the transcendent in her life. In this episode, we'll talk about an early kundalini awakening she had while meditating as a teenager, her abduction and escape from her kidnappers, her struggles with darkness, a near death experience, past lives, and her heritage of Celtic spirituality. 

Sensitive listeners, please note that Charlene's story includes a lot of trauma and deals with topics like sexual violence and murder.

From all this trauma comes a life suffused with the transcendent, and Charlene offers us her wisdom throughout the episode. You can find links below to her memoir and other books, as well as to Jeff Kripal's work that I refer to.

Find Charlene’s books (these are affiliate links; more on that below):

Her memoir, My Impossible Life:

Her novel, The Stain:

Her book on healing, Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind:

And I mention Jeff Kripal’s work; here’s a link to more on him:

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