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Letting Grow

Feb 5, 2021

Welcome back for this third episode with Dr. Simon Cox, my friend and colleague from the PhD program at Rice University’s Department of  Religion and co-founder of the Okanagan Valley Wudang kung fu school. He’s back today to tell us all about the Taoist subtle body. (If you missed Simon’s two previous appearances, he also talked with us about the Buddhist subtle body and his experiences as a kid from Houston, Texas, exploring Asia in search of esoteric lore.)

This time we’re talking about Taoist teachings on the subtle body and descriptions of the death process, and along the way we’ll touch on – among other things – the way Taoism was nearly wiped out in China’s Cultural Revolution, similarities between Tibetan and Chinese descriptions of shooting your consciousness from the crown of the head at the time of death, and Simon’s recommendations for folks who want to meditate in his tradition.

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