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Letting Grow

Dec 23, 2020

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I’m so pleased to bring you this conversation on the Buddhist subtle body with my friend and colleague Simon Cox. I met Simon when he joined Rice’s Department of Religion PhD program, and then I got to know him when he took two semesters of my introduction to Tibetan language and culture class at Rice. Simon wrote his dissertation about the subtle body, so he’s the perfect person to give us a deeper dive on that topic. Read more about Simon and his kung fu training (and see awesome photos of him in China!) at

In this episode, we’ll talk about a few more technical topics, so I’ll give a short explanation in the introduction, and below you’ll find some links to introductory articles if you’re new to the topics of Buddhist tantra, epistemology, and Yogacara philosophy.

On Buddhist tantra:

On epistemology:

On Yogacara: