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Letting Grow

Apr 3, 2021

Today's episode is a meditation that’s all about noticing and resting in what’s good in our lives. We have what’s called a negativity bias: our brain’s tendency to rewire quickly in response to threats but slowly or not at all in response to opportunities. It’s helped our species to survive and evolve to become the dominant one on the planet, but it’s less helpful these days when our threats aren’t rare things like getting chased by a lion but everyday things like getting stuck in traffic. (Or not getting stuck in traffic because there’s a global pandemic.) 

So we need to balance out our natural negativity bias, but we can also go further and learn to look for those moments when our buddha nature – our true, divine face, so to speak – shines through and spend some time soaking them in. This meditation can be a way to connect with that awake and loving aspect of ourselves, which comes naturally to our awareness during the bardo of clear light.

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