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Letting Grow

Jun 3, 2020

What do Tibetan Buddhist teachings on the death and rebirth process have in common with Marie Kondo’s method of tidying by getting rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy?  They’re both about the process of letting go of the old, reflecting on what’s most meaningful to us, and then growing into a new version of ourselves.

With one episode per week, we’ll talk about the literal death and rebirth process described in Tibetan Buddhism, and we’ll also dig into the gentler forms of transition that we go through within this lifetime: graduating from high school, college, or some other period of education; moving, changing jobs, getting married, breaking up, having kids, having an empty nest, and more.  

Some episodes will be guided meditations, some will be short lessons on these topics, and some will be interviews with experts and with ordinary people going through transitions.  We’ll talk about ancient teachings and how they connect with pop culture.

In season one, we’ll go through the Tibetan teachings on the death and rebirth process, which will give us a kind of template for talking about transitions more generally.

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