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Letting Grow

Nov 25, 2020

Welcome to week two of my conversation with Lauren Santerre, spiritual director, Christian mystic, and my friend from our time doing interfaith work in Houston.  Last week she talked about all the “deaths” that led up to her experience of motherhood, like leaving a wonderful job at Interfaith Ministries and moving to the suburbs, and this week we’re talking about Christian approaches to the life-death-and resurrection cycle.s

For folks like me who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian sect and then left, Lauren’s take on the idea that Jesus’ death atones for our sins (known as atonement theology) will be refreshing. She’s not a fan of that interpretation and prefers what’s called restorative theology: the idea that Jesus’ life offers us a profound template for our own lives. You can find some great links below to articles by Richard Rohr and others if you’d like to read more.

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On atonement theology:

A series of posts by Richard Rohr with more theology that's in line with what Lauren shares in this episode:

1.Substitutionary atonement:

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  5. The Scapegoat Mechanism:  the-scapegoat-mechanism-2019-02-08

7. Jesus and the Cross summary:

And a link to the Jewish notion of faith that Lauren refers to: