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Letting Grow

Mar 19, 2021

I’m so delighted to share my conversation with Caren Prentice on the magic of in-between spaces with you today. Caren is a meditation teacher, and she shares her own experience of an in-between time when she’d started a spiritual practice and was beginning to see the toll her anger was taking on her relationships, but she didn’t yet know how to relate differently with situations that made her angry. She was able to stay quiet instead of lashing out in anger, and eventually, in that quiet space that replaced her angry response, her own inner wisdom began to show up and guide her to a new way of responding.

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Caren began meditating in 1972 but struggled for decades to establish a consistent meditation practice.  During the 80’s and 90’s as she juggled career, family, and eventually became a stay-at-home-mom to four kids, she continued to study different traditions and techniques looking for a way to feel less angry, and frustrated. 

In 1998 she discovered Kriya Yoga and found a meditation technique she actually enjoyed practicing regularly, and this is the tradition she carries on. Caren is not aligned with any one school of meditation. Rather she considers herself simply, "a meditation teacher," using her background in yoga, mindfulness, and Tibetan Buddhism to help her students find joy in meditating using techniques that work best for their personality and lifestyle. 

Around 2009 her students gave her the name Meditation Momma. Several years ago she opened Hamsa Meditation Center, which has evolved into a small friendly online meditation community serving people of all ages all over the country.

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